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PCB board factory inventory physical keyboard of 10 major advantages


Only a short while ago, NOKIA mobile phone is the dream of many people to the mobile phone, known as the history of durable endurance is king, Hong Kong; physical keyboard is always only a short while ago, the standard configuration of mobile phone, but iPhone turned out to be a physical keyboard out of the historical stage in advance, only BlackBerry still give dying kicks. But! The physical keyboard really Nothing is right.? Not necessarily! The following PCB board factory small series for your summary of the physical keyboard 10 advantages, together with the crowd!

1 when you are in a state of motion, it can enter more quickly and more accurately.

At present, the head of the family are generally used in the smart phone is touch screen, can hand written input method can also be used, typing speed is also very fast. However, small often have such experience, walking when talking on the phone, playing out the word has 30% typos need to delete. PCB board at this time small make up the memory of the three years not bad NOKIA.

2 for a long time can comfortably achieve

All right, small make up or have to admire the person with super memory, close the eye also can finish a short message. However, the touch screen mobile phone, you want to not because of no touch down.

3.Long nails are not afraid

This is a lot of female shoes should be deep. Because now the smart phone is used in the capacitor screen, and the previous resistance screen used point to point of touch different, capacitive screen by the abdominal touch, with nails can not be typed. So for the users of long nails, typing on the touch screen may not be so convenient. However, in the physical keyboard, and then a long nail does not matter, where to press where!
4 the faithful companion of the aged
There is a big wave of fashion people also use the intelligent machine, however, is not a cold, for example small dad bought a glory to him, but was kept at home, since No one shows any interest in. Look at the touch screen mobile phone, is likely to need glasses, and the physical keyboard, telephone calls, messages, have been learned by heart.
5 enter the password, name, web site more easily
If you often have to enter a different password, name or address of accurate information on the mobile phone, then ask your input must be very accurate, a letter is not bad, the physical keyboard may suit you more.
6 different buttons, different shortcuts
Remember the previous function of the machine on the dial key and short message? Gently press, automatically open the phone or SMS software, it is convenient to have wood! Especially in case of emergency, even if the phone is in the pocket can call, and touch screen keyboard must look at the screen input. In addition, to set a different button to start the program, to a large extent, you can save the time to find App.

7 and more with the alcoholic oh

Do not know whether you have had this experience: drunk the night before, the second day morning to open their own messages to others, simply cannot read what I was saying -- letters full of chaos (mainly for Dave). Small PCB board factory has had such an experience, but in the use of the mobile phone keyboard, this situation may be improved, special still play a role in muscle memory after drunk, so typing is more accurate. (laughs)
8 enjoy the pleasure of your fingertips.
To be sure, there are a lot of benefits to the keyboard, for example, it doesn't make a noise to someone else, and you don't need to force when typing. But in the course of time, you will find a little fun typing on the keyboard that crackling fast typing experience all gone. A good physical keyboard, not only to ensure faster and more accurate input, but also bring you pleasure, this is the touch of the keyboard can not be compared.
9 typing does not occupy the screen space
Jobs was released when iPhone once said that the physical keyboard to occupy a large space on the phone's screen, and the touch keyboard only in the need to appear, will not occupy the screen for a long time. But when the touch screen is completely universal, can not let the keyboard completely do not occupy the screen space? The answer is the QWERTY keyboard -- like BlackBerry Priv, slip off the bottom of the screen keyboard, even in typing, the screen content can still complete presentation, bid farewell to screen diverted.
10 keyboard turned touch panel
This function first appeared in the BlackBerry Passport mobile phone in Priv, it is carry forward - you can directly touch on the keyboard, the scroll up and down content, flip operation; double click the keyboard, can directly open the "cursor" mode, the keyboard can be turned trackpad, cursor movement and positioning, especially for in the text editor.
Above PCB board factory small make up the introduction of these functions, which one can move you most?

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