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Circuit board factory inventory: a few bad habits to reduce the life of the automatic transmission


When it comes to driving, small circuit board factory these days but had enough of the "car addiction", day and night before Lianju, boiled atlast license to hand out, the bitter experience of non Shenzhen license cannot.
Once a change of impulse automatic C2 license, but the spirit of responsible, socially responsible in their life safety, or decisively chose the manual practice skills. Train this time, small circuit board factory to realize the truth, I used to think their IQ catch up with people far away, but the coach like being pulled out of the bottom.

Have to admit that many people buy a car or tend to automatic file, the reason is very simple, simple, convenient, easy to get started. Of course, automatic transmission and manual transmission compared to more complex structure, the maintenance cost is very high, if we do not use too much attention, it is possible to shorten automatic transmission in the invisible life, increase your cost of keeping a car. Here circuit board factory small series of inventory to shorten the life of the bad habits of the automatic transmission, for your reference:
1 when the vehicle has not stopped, it is prohibited to hang the P file or R file. The correct operation method is to first stop the vehicle, then hang into the P file or R file, or the mechanical parts of the gearbox will be damaged.
2 automatic transmission from coasting. The reason is that the automatic transmission box needs lubrication, when running in the N file is hung up, the oil pump is not normal for lubrication, will make the internal temperature increase, seriously affect the transmission life.
3 avoid frequent "floor oil" or rapid acceleration. The frequent acceleration will cause the transmission oil temperature rises rapidly, not only affects the transmission in the life of the unit, but also easily lead to abnormal sound transmission, and the risk of leakage of frustration. CVT gearbox is more suitable for intense driving, frequent rapid acceleration will lead to the transmission of steel belt slip and burn the transmission box.

4 automatic car can not arbitrarily Trailer towing. The engine does not start, the gearbox oil pump does not work, the transmission can not establish a normal working pressure, the trailer easily lead to the transmission of wear. In case of emergency, the gear will be linked to the N file, can be low speed (30KM) and short distance (10KM) traction.
5 automatic transmission need to be warm in the cold winter. In the cold winter, the engine in normal use before the best pre heating 1-2 minutes, automatic transmission also need to preheat. If no preheating immediately driving, there may be setbacks and the transmission phenomenon is not upshift, but also easy to produce premature wear.
6 pay attention to the maintenance cycle. Automatic transmission need regular maintenance oil to replace the filter, according to different requirements, the general maintenance cycle is 4 to 60 thousand kilometers, please don't forget the owner.
Circuit board factory reminder: automatic car driving is not expected to open automatically, advise the automatic car owners best friends, spend some time figuring out, we can handle it.

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