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Circuit board factory new information: finally, until you, the new version of "Mao grandfather" officially issued


Finally,I get you! The new version of "Grandpa Mao" finally issued yesterday, the new version of 100 Yuan Yan value is also Cengceng rub several levels to rise! Chicken factory small heart can't restrain the line of cold, go to the ATM took a few hundred Yuan Da, ha ha ~ version did not flow to Shenzhen, everyone has eyes glittering in anticipation. So, the problem comes, how to identify the new version of the truth? The next small finishing seven strokes for you, let you see through Mao's true.

Anti-counterfeit labels: light variable hollow window safety lines.
A look at the light hollow window safety lines. The 4 mm wide safety line on the right side of the front surface, Bill quite conspicuous, when the viewing angle is open by strabismus, safety line color from red to green; light observation, visible safety line and alternately arranged in the hollow text "$100".

Anti false mark two: glorious light change number.
Two look at the bright lights change figures. With the glorious light number "100" on the bill face central vertical observation face number "100" in gold; head up observation, the number "100" with green. With the change of the angle of view, the number "100" color changes between gold and green, and can see a bright band in the digital up and down scroll.

Anti fake mark three: Portrait watermark.
Three see portrait watermark. Portrait watermark is located on the left side of the left margin of the money. Light observation, visible Mao Zedong avatar.

Anti false mark four: offset printing pattern.
Four look at the offset printing pattern. Under the front of the note left and right below the back, both sides have digital "100" of the local pattern. Light observation, is the back of the pattern can be composed of a full face value of 100".

Five: if two number anti-counterfeit labels.
Five see if two numbers. Below the left bills face with cross number, the crown word and digital two dark red, six digit is black; the right vertical blue numbers.

Anti fake Mark Six: white watermark.
Six look at the white watermark. Located under the front of the bank note. Light observation, you can see the light transmission is very strong watermark denomination figure 100".

Seven: engraving gravure anti-counterfeit labels.
Seven touch intaglio. Mao Zedong, head of the national emblem and the positive note "China people's Bank" name, the upper right corner of the Braille denomination figures, and back to the Great Hall of the people are using engraving gravure printing, finger touch has obvious concavity.
In these seven strokes, the most important is the first two strokes. China Mint Company technical director Shao Guowei told reporters on the new site, the new banknotes increased the international advanced brilliance light number "100" and the light hollow window safety line, a vertical view are golden and red, angle head up after turning green, 5 seconds will be able to identify the authenticity of the public.


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