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Circuit board manufacturers inventory double 11 tips to save money


Double 11 came! Intelligent circuit board manufacturers Xiaobian think a lot of commodities in the early yesterday, a shopping cart full increase wait for this day in a large outbreak. Well, it was not the actual hair grandpa I don't feel bad, a Meishou + Foshan Tianshan fold shadowless hand + shadow hands......

As the whole nation with the celebration of the non traditional festival, double 11 for circuit board manufacturers are generally small to bring such a feeling: people are waiting just in front of the computer from the morning, after a Meishou + Foshan Tianshan fold shadowless hand + shadow hands...... As if all the things on the Internet do not have the money, from my Taobao has become so ~.

Unexpectedly, in November 11th, I won the singles alone, but lost to Tmall.
In order to give us the opportunity to find the reasons, circuit board manufacturers Xiaobian specially arranged a few money save more money, clever adorable to seize the last 8 hours to fill mud brain.

1 make a list of your baby, compare prices. It's always a good idea, for over 1111 years, every year before the day comes from the baby, then think again, do not need to delete all the pain. Then compare the price of Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and so on, choose the best drop.
2 pre-sale all away. In order to achieve a double effect of publicity, as early as more than and 20 days to start the pre-sale. Pre sale of goods is really cheaper than usual, but you think about it, now began to buy pre-sale things, your time costs are too high. Double eleven there are more than and 20 days of time, although the pay is only down, but some large deposit is also very high, these more than and 20 days the money to do what is not good, why should the pressure on Tmall's side.
3 if you want to buy, please as soon as possible. This is very important! Can stay up all night to boil it. Don't think it's time to buy you. Staying up late is not worth anything. Sisters, please remember, the general business will be an additional to the shopping of the first few hundred other gifts, that is, you spend the same money, but it is possible to buy a gift is your two times.
4 check your receipt before buying. This is also very important. Every year the double eleven lost goods do not know how many. Must be optimistic, you in the end is sent to which address, the recipient is correct. Does the phone match. Really do not recommend the film finished the wrong address, then contact with the customer service. Because you contact service to change the address when it is possible that the goods have been issued, and want to change, it is not possible, double eleven logistics so busy, courier company which have time to manage you.
5 be sure to see the specifications and types of products. Business standard clear, you do not see, buy the wrong. Can only think of bad luck. Fortunately, the clothes and the like, fresh food is not support seven days no reason to return. So, the goods to your hands, think back, impossible. Even if the complaint to Tmall is still the same. Won't judge a customer.
6 box inspection. This is the last step of the double eleven. Whether you want to express out of the box, you have to adhere to. When the delivery of the face, look at whether the product has a problem. If there is no problem, then the sign to the satisfaction of all. If you find a problem, the first call to contact the seller, rejected the goods.

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