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  • 产品名称: Smart phone board
  • On time: 2015-11-12
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Product parameters
Product Name: smart phone board
Type: HDI
Material: FR4 high Tg
Material: copper foil thickness outer 1oz inner 1/3oz;
Minimum line width / line distance: 2mil/2mil
Minimum borehole diameter: 0.2mm
Minimum laser drilling hole diameter: 0.075mm
Blind hole depth ratio: 1:1
Maximum product size: X600mm 500mm
Surface treatment: OSP + chemical deposition
Resistance welding color: Green
Special process: blind hole
Detailed introduction
HDI (High Density Intrerconnection) definition of circuit board refers to the diameter is below 6mil, hole ring ring diameter (Hole Pad) micro vias under 0.25mm (Microvia), the contact density in the above 130 points per square inch, 117 inch above the wiring density per square inch, width / spacing for printed circuit in the following 3mil/3mil. HDI circuit board is mainly used in mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, notebook computers, on the network card, IC board, military, medical and other different areas.
Generally speaking, the HDI circuit board has the following advantages:
1 lower costs
2 increase wiring density
3 is conducive to the use of advanced packaging technology
4 have better electrical performance and signal accuracy
5 reliability is better
6 can improve the thermal properties
7 can improve radio frequency interference, electromagnetic wave interference, electrostatic discharge
8 increase design efficiency
HDI process capability
HDI type: first order, two order, three order, arbitrary layer interconnection
Minimum line width / line distance: 2mil/2mil
Minimum borehole diameter: 8mil (0.20mm)
Minimum laser drilling hole diameter: 3mil (0.075mm)
Blind hole depth ratio: 1:1
Surface treatment: chemical precipitation, heavy tin, silver, gold plated, OSP, lead-free tin spraying, plating hard gold, gold fingers, etc.
Color: white, black, yellow, red, green, blue